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Teenagers sneak into an abandoned house and find a treasure trove of classic and rare cars

 Teenagers sneak into an abandoned house and find a treasure trove of classic and rare cars

A number of teenagers broke into an old building in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, only to discover a huge collection of classic cars with a thick layer of dust covering them.

The cars were owned by a car collector who, in fact, had collected enough cars to set up a museum, and in addition to the cars there was a library, various machine parts, a collection of petrol pumps, and even a model of an old coffee shop.

As for the cars in the building, they varied in their age and models, but in general, most of them ranged between the models of the twenties and seventies, including the legendary Ford Model T, the Chevrolet Corvair, the Chevrolet Style Line, the Fiat 124 Sport Coupe, the Morris Oxford and the Hudson Hornet, all of which Complete with license plates that appear to be decades old.

On the second floor of the building there were rare cars placed on rickety wooden planks, including the Austin A90 Atlantic Coupe and other convertibles, the Chrysler Airflow, the Ford Coupe from 1938 and 1940, the 1951 Ford Van, the Ford Console, the Ford Townas and An old three-wheeled pickup (Goliath)

This historical museum of classic cars was not opened to the public until the nineties of the last century or even the beginning of the third millennium, and it was visited only by car enthusiasts and friends of the owner.

Because of their dispute, the place remained deserted for many years, bushes grew around it, and dust covered cars, until that day came when the 10 young boys decided to take an adventure and sneak into this castle to discover this treasure of classic cars, and shared pictures and videos of their discovery on WhatsApp groups. Father, the matter was reported to the police, who contacted their families.