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Police kill a man after he runs a red traffic light

 Police kill a man after he runs a red traffic light

The US “Ohio” state police showed a video of a shooting incident by a car driver with an “AK 47” rifle at a police patrol, which ended with the death of the driver who carried out the attack, for unknown reasons.

A police patrol for road security in the Middlefield suburb asked the car driver to stop because he cut a red traffic light. He did stop and the driver got out moments later, and suddenly he started shooting at the two officers in the police patrol, who in turn shot him, killing the attacking driver on the spot.

The police do not know what caused the driver, “James Gilkerson,” who was killed, to shoot the police patrol, although the incident occurred on the tenth of last March, simply because the driver died and no one knows what he was thinking the moment he fired his gun.

Officer Erin Thomas lost a finger and his colleague, Brandon Savage, was slightly injured. The judges, in turn, stated that the police action was reasonable and justified and was self-defense and law enforcement.