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Video: Pagani Huayra Kodalonga shows drifting skills on ice!

 Video: Pagani Huayra Kodalonga shows drifting skills on ice!

In this video, the owner of the Pagani Huayra Kodalonga shows off the snow drifting capabilities of the car, which has a 6.0-liter V12 twin-turbocharged engine that generates 840 horsepower.

The Italian company Pagani decided to manufacture only five models of the Huayra Cudalonga, pronounced Wayra, with a value of more than $ 7.3 million per copy, but the car's rarity and value did not prevent one of the owners from driving it around an icy track as part of the ICE St. Moritz a few days ago.

The ICE St. Moritz - also known as the International Concours of Elegance - has been a highlight of the European motoring events calendar in recent years, attracting a variety of classic cars and modern supercars to be displayed and driven on the ice track. This year, the owner of the Huayra Cudalonga showed off its drifting ability!

The sources revealed that the Pagani Huayra Cudalonga, which is shown in the video below, is the first of five cars that will be produced in total, and Pagani revealed it in the middle of last year.

The car appears in a distinctive light blue color with wonderful rims that have some golden touches, and the distinctive rear quad exhaust for Pagani cars.

With the transition to the icy track, it seems that the owner of the car was happy to show off a small aspect of the capabilities of the multimillion-dollar supercar, especially since driving around the track was done at very slow speeds, and therefore if anything went wrong, the rare Huayra would not be damaged much.

Compared to a standard Huayra, the Kudalonga is 14 inches long and weighs just 1,280 kg. Pagani's design was inspired by the long-tailed cars that raced at Le Mans during the 1960s.

Inside this unique design is a Huayra 6.0-liter V12 engine with twin turbochargers that generates 840 horsepower and 1100 Newton meters of torque.

It should be noted that Pagani is already working on a new model to replace the Huayra in the market, called Pagani Utopia and powered by a V12 engine from Mercedes-AMG. The Italian company said that it will manufacture only 99 copies of this car, at a price of approximately $ 2.19 million.