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Three common mistakes you shouldn't make when visiting car showrooms to buy a new car

 Three common mistakes you shouldn't make when visiting car showrooms to buy a new car

Many people may give you advice - thanks - about what you should do when visiting a car showroom in search of buying a new car, and there are a lot of tips that your friends may give about the way to test drive or about negotiating the price or financing methods, which are undoubtedly important advice However, the process of buying a new car may be full of bumps, and if you are not vigilant while going through this experience, you may stumble upon one of these bumps.

The process of buying a new car from car showrooms is, in fact, a complex matter to the point that makes us believe that knowing the common mistakes that you should avoid during this process is more important than the tips that tell you what to do, and through our experience in the automotive world and reviewing the experiences of others and international sites, we have come to our dear The reader of the Arab GT website will refer to the three most common mistakes customers make in car showrooms.

If you are one of the people who make these mistakes or one of them, then we believe that it will be difficult for you to get a good deal, and by a good deal we mean buying a good new car at an acceptable price, so we offer you the three most common mistakes that you should avoid when visiting car showrooms:

1- Don't enter auto shows without a clear financial  plan

You can enter a restaurant without knowing what you want to eat, and yet you may get a good meal. You can also wander around a mall to pass the time and have fun, to go out with a small microwave, or perhaps with new shoes or a shirt. All this is understandable, dear reader, but car showrooms are an issue. last .

If you enter a car showroom without a clear plan, it is likely that you will come out of the showroom with a huge loss in your bank account. Not only that, the day off that you decided to spend at the car showroom without a prior plan may remain a painful memory that haunts you for years to come.

The process of buying a new car should not be a quick and quick thing that you do without thinking and planning!

What we mean by a plan is that in the beginning you must know the current value of your car in the market exactly, how much money you have and how much you can pay as monthly payments for the car, and you must also know the price of the car you want to buy, these numbers must be known to you in general. Clear and precise and not roughly before you set foot on the auto show floor.

If you have the plan clear with its details as we explained, we assure you that you will be in a good negotiating position with most of the car dealers and sales staff at the showrooms.

2) Don't let the seller steer you into buying a car you don't want

Car dealers and workers in car showrooms usually try to market the models that are abundant in their stores, and this model is not always the best option for you. And if the salesman knows very well the models he has in the showroom, he will try to convince the customer of a car that he can sell to him today and complete the deal and collect his commission, instead of waiting for a month or months to come to bring the car if the model that suits you is not available to him.

Therefore, we warn you, dear reader, if you do not know exactly what model you want, the sales employee is likely to try to sell you a car from the models he has stacked up, regardless of whether this model suits you in the first place. In short, do not let others sell you a car, but rather buy it yourself.

3) Don't feel obligated to complete the car purchase now

For many people, buying a new car may be a psychologically tiring process, so they try to complete this process as soon as possible, and this may lead to negative results.

While they seek to end this process and the pressures it poses, you find many people do not study their options carefully and do not conduct the negotiation process skillfully. This step if you want to finish the transaction quickly.

As for employees in car showrooms, it is normal for them to try to pressure you into buying the car immediately by using manipulative phrases such as “I can only give you this price today” or “This offer ends today”, but our advice to you is not to listen to such phrases and to take the time to study the purchase decision. The Car.

Let us assure you that the new car market, with its various car companies and models, is a very competitive market, dear reader, and the offers in it are almost uninterrupted throughout the year. It is likely that you will find another offer of the same or better value the next day.

Avoid these three mistakes, dear reader, and we guarantee you - God willing - that your way to buy a new car from car showrooms will be much easier, and you will end up with the car you want without paying more.