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Strengthening muscles using car wheels

 Strengthening muscles using car wheels

Some use car wheels of different sizes in fitness and muscle strengthening exercises, so let's review the most important sports exercises that can be performed with the help of wheels.

Small wheel exercises

Big wheel exercises

We summarize for you, dear reader, the most important exercises using car wheels, which are:


Regular push-ups that are performed depending on the forearms, but here the feet will be fixed on the wheel instead of the ground, to increase body weight and load on the forearm muscles, which helps in strengthening the biceps muscles with the need to repeat the exercise 10 times.

back pressure

Sit on the ground with your feet extended in front of you, put the wheel directly behind you, rest your forearms on the wheel in the same position, and start moving your body up and down depending on your forearms only, while repeating the exercise 15 times.

Animated jump

With or without the wheel, stand upright with the feet joined, jump up with the feet open when landing and the body remains straight, repeat the exercise 20 times in each training round with the need to keep the hands right next to the waist.

consecutive jump

Successive jumping can be implemented in more than one way depending on the wheels, either by jumping in and out of the wheel continuously without stopping, or placing more than one tire on top of each other and jumping on top of them directly while trying to achieve balance, whatever exercise you will follow you will need to repeat it 20 times continuous.

Jumping from a standing position

Put the wheel directly in front of you on the ground and jump around from the position standing still trying to reach as far as possible. Repeat the exercise 15 times in each training round, trying to achieve a greater distance in each jump.

Lateral transition

With the wheel on the ground, it can be used for a lateral transition by jumping from a stationary position up the wheel and landing on the other side, repeating the exercise 15 times and resting no more than a minute between each training set.

Hard jogging

By placing the tire in a vertical position and standing directly in front of it, this exercise can be performed by moving in the same place as if you were running, with the need for your foot to touch the top of the wheel in succession by changing between the left and right feet. It is recommended to repeat the exercise 15 times and divide it into more than A group according to the desire of each trainee.

Wheel lift

Stand upright, then start lifting the wheel from the ground up until it reaches the chest area, and return it to its normal position again, with the need to move properly so as not to suffer any injuries. It is recommended to perform this exercise 6 to 8 times and divide it into any number of groups.

Lifting weights with moving feet

Use dumbbells to lift the weights with both forearms, while moving the feet in the same position by placing them sequentially on the wheel installed in front of you. Repeat the exercise 15 times in each training round.

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