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AI robots can change tires faster than humans

 AI robots can change tires faster than humans

If you are concerned about the rebellion of artificial intelligence-supported robots - such as the movie I Robot - then we have some bad news for you, robots are coming to change the tires of your car, but not at the present time, at least, as the latest reports revealed that an American company is developing robots supported by artificial intelligence that can change tires. faster than humans.

The robot from the "Robo Tire" company can change a set of four tires in just 23 minutes, which is slow compared to what can be expected from the pit stops of Formula 1 racing cars, but according to the company, it is almost twice as fast as changing tires by humans under normal conditions (i.e. at changed by a regular team, not a team of motorsports technicians).

Robo Tires use two six-axis arms, one for each side of the car, the same kind automakers use on assembly lines, where they can do the heavy lifting.

The system works by relying on artificial intelligence (AI), which uses cameras to scan the car's rim, and notes the location of the tire and its bolt pattern.

Once cleared, the arm's built-in screwdriver will loosen each screw individually, and the arm will pick up and remove the tire before reattaching a new one.

Currently the entire process requires human supervision and you still have to get a technician to transfer the loose tire to the tire changing machine. However, the information Robo Tire obtained from the cameras installed in it - such as rim size and tire type - is automatically sent to the tire changer to save time.

And thanks to artificial intelligence, the machine is always learning, which means that no matter what size rim you have or what style of bolts you have, it will be able to handle it.

It can even work if the tires are covered in mud or snow, as long as the edges of the screws are visible. There are currently four stores that operate Robo Tires, and they are all connected.

This unified robotically controlled system can get faster as you 'train' on different types and sizes of tyres.

Of course there are some advantages, such as avoiding the hard work involved in changing tires, such as lifting the heavy wheel and lowering the car, this is no longer a problem for the technicians. However, Fox News says that the ultimate goal for Robo Tire will be a fully autonomous platform.

Could this be the beginning of the end for tire changers? The company is minimizing the risk of impacting jobs, as its website states the system will make work safer for technicians. But this leads us to wonder about what the future holds for tire change.

Although prices are not publicly announced, Robo Tire expects tire change shops that rely on its system to achieve break-even point – recovering the full cost of the system – in about one year, subject to increased productivity and reduced labor costs.